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Mental Glitch

September 22, 2020 at 7:34:48 AM


psych-mystery, ARG, multiplat, virtual reality, thought experiments

Mental Glitch is a YouTube channel run by Person R. He's looking for old dreamers, presumably his followers from his old channel before it was deleted. Person R also appears to struggle with seeing an entity named R3D, the co-host of his new channel. But who even is R3D?

New viewers who deciphered the link in the video description were led to a Discord Group. One of the items found there was a ZIP file with a password, which led to an advertisement folder for a website.

An image shared on Discord was found to be from a YouTube channel that was a year older, but also linked to the same website.

From time to time, Person R likes to chat with people face to face in VRchat.

There's a voting channel on discord where 'new dreamers' could vote on a subject for R's next video. The winning vote closed and a video about tulpas was uploaded sometime later.


Second found channel:


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