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The Mind is an Island

December 26, 2021 at 9:10:26 PM


psych-horror-puzzle, ARG, multi-plat, found footage, detectives needed

A shadowy government agency is working in concert with a tech billionaire, conducting mind-control studies on artists and musicians living in Winnipeg, Canada. The purpose? Top-secret. The motivation? Inscrutable. One thing is for sure, the outcome of these inhuman experiments will be catastrophic – not only for the test subjects, but for human civilization.

Aid rogue Agent 0108b in his journey to expose the scheme by exploring the work of artists being actively subjected to these mind-control techniques. Delve deep into the Island by applying lessons from analytical psychology and artistic interpretation to unlock clues to the inner workings of the subject’s minds. Can you save the world from a future of techno-dystopic psychological warfare?

Starting Points:



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