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This is Just Gray

November 1, 2020 at 1:27:24 PM


psych-puzzle-drama, interactive, YT, text, game

Gray is a young entrepreneur who's built his career, and in fact his identity, online. Distance has dictated that the world beyond his screen is where he finds both friends and productivity, and there, he does well as an independent journalist covering current events in the world.

Recently, Gray announced to his friends and followers that he would be launching new accounts on several social media platforms, with a new purpose. Upon suggestion from his therapist, he's decided to start a blog. It's specified to be a place completely separate from work, politics, or the news, where he can not only make a more human connection with his audience base, but also strengthen his personal relationships.

Within just a few days of launching his new project, though, Gray's uploads begin to show obvious signs of tampering. The person who did it left a trail for his audience to find, which led to a second set of accounts set up at nearly the same time as his new blog. Whoever is behind them is clearly the one dipping their fingers in Gray's footage, and is urgently trying to communicate something to his audience.

Their first messages seem to be, in summary: "Gray is lying."

Vlog launch video:

First Blogspot post:


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