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Tyler's Dorm

February 26, 2021 at 3:25:20 AM


psych-mystery-horror, interactive, TW, John Doe, forgotten

Tyler lived a fairly normal life, infrequently using Twitter since 2015. But things take an unexpected turn in 2021 upon arriving back to Uni from Christmas break. Dispite not having a roommate for the majority of the previous semester, he is told that his roommate is, and always has been, a mysterious man named "John Doe". Why can't Tyler find this roommate of his? Why can't he get any straight answers?

It appears that this was, at one point, a normal, personal Twitter account. He couldn't have planned this since 2015, could he? Are any of his previous tweets connected, or are they completely unrelated? One thing is for certain: he is a student at Oklahoma Christian University as he claims to be.

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