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September 22, 2020 at 3:57:14 AM


puzzle-mystery, ARG, IG, space is beautiful

Offered by the submitter is the following:

ECGO_DSLOS is either an ARG or an Interactive Project according to the definitions on the website. I'm unsure about which one it exactly is because while there are some codes on the page, I'm not sure if any of them have already been solved or if they even need to be solved to go ahead. There aren’t many followers on the page, and I haven’t been able to find any discussion about it online. I have made a Reddit account and I’m waiting for confirmation that I can create a topic about this situation before I start discussing it on r/ARG like you recommended.

The page is currently updating every day with a new video featuring a code I haven't really looked into yet. There are a few other posts featuring codes (which are all videos) with some “story” elements scattered around them, but I’m a little confused about where this thing is going. The page is more like a big infodump than an actual narrative.

The page has been posting for just over a month, and this is the first upload: I don't know if that post counts as a trailhead, but the first upload that absolutely has story elements in it would be this one from the 27th of July: In it, the photos reference what I'm fairly sure are space missions which "no longer exist".

The URL name/account name of the page is clearly a reference to Star Trek: The Next Generation since episode 16 of season 4 is called Galaxy's Child. While I don't think this page is connected to Star Trek, I haven't discounted that possibility yet because of the previously mentioned posts about space travel. It has even posted @NASA in this upload:

The confusing thing is that the page has stopped talking about space and is now telling a different story. Starting with this post (featuring codes):, the hashtag “islander” starts showing up. From what I can tell, the story is about a group or company called ECGO, who either experimented on people, or exposed people to something on “the islands”. This post: is the most story-heavy one that the account has posted, but there’s not really a lot more to go on.

The account also keeps mentioning something called “the blue” in posts and hashtags, but it doesn’t really tell you what it is. The words “lightning” and “salt” also appear in the hashtags a lot along with variations on “island”, “islander” and “blackandwhite”, but apart from this post:, they don’t seem to come up.

Apart from all that, it seems like the page is run by two characters. One is called the “disclosure artist” and the other one hasn’t been named yet (who is currently in charge). There are also a few other unnamed characters who have been mentioned, like the writer. There is also a Reddit account by the same name ( I found when Googling the ECGO name which reuploads things that have appeared on the Instagram page. On finding the Reddit account, I DMed the ECGO Instagram page and received the following reply:

(Screenshot was provided of ECGO saying, "this is about a truth that has gone unspoken. the word is: excision.")

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