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dark comes to light

The Night Mind Index is now live

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The realm of online storytelling has grown steadily over the past decade, drawing attention from thousands of

new audience members, participants and creators who recognize unique opportunities to bring stories to life.

These storytellers often use bold and unconventional approaches for their work, role-playing "real" characters and conducting "true" situations in order to deliver an immersive narrative experience.

But generating access points for discovery without breaking immersion or seeking promotion directly from

content broadcasters can range from being difficult at best to impossible at worst.

Audience members are also likely to miss access points for stories--or "trailheads"--due to the format choice

or execution method used by creators.

Unknowing onlookers can also mistake a story in progress for something far too real, making narrative

execution (and life) for a creator very difficult.

(TL;DR - it's time to break the total immersion rule and keep a place to identify, discover, and introduce all these projects)

The Night Mind Index is built to meet these needs:

  • Find new and exciting projects to explore in the realm of online storytelling

  • Identify a discovery as unfiction or confirm suspicions about projects in-progress

  • Present your project without breaking immersion or directly seeking exposure

Click on "Index" from the top menu for info on how to

navigate and add your project for discovery

(Or use the Index page button right down here)

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