Southern Woods Cult

puzzle-mystery, ARG, RED, oh deer god

Five months ago (March 7, 2020), a link appeared on r/arg to a Reddit user known as u/RabbitBoyMidas. In our community, the project is often referred to as RBM (Rabbit Boy Midas) or SWC (Southern Woods Cult). The latter is more encompassing of the project.

A mysterious post stated that initiation would soon arrive. It was from this point that a couple of cryptic songs and puzzles were rolled out. Messaging the user on Reddit would yield certain answers when given specific responses. This period was short, however, as initiation would begin on March 11, 2020.

By this point, it was revealed that there would be four phases, each with their own leader. In order to be initiated into the Southern Woods Cult, you must pass through all four phases. Now, the fourth phase is currently underway. In this time, we have found lots of information about each phase, persona, and background.

The majority of this project unfolds between two places. Members of the Southern Woods Cult post on the Reddit, which is where puzzles and structured information take place. This is an ARG, however, because these cult members frequently participate in the Discord. This means messaging with initiates, revealing important plot points and character info, and even using Voice Chat with discord members.

The experience is mostly puzzle, as there are many puzzles solved as posts come out. The project is also tagged mystery because each high-ranking cult member (Macromvulate) has a mysterious backstory that has to be solved along with the puzzles.



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